Cyclists: 1 Day Equipment
and Clothing Guide

Race the Ras


Road racing bike in good mechanical order fitted to the cyclist. Aim to do your preparation on the same bike as you intend to do the event on so you are familiar with it and comfortable in the riding position.

The bike must have a frame mounted pump and two bottle cages fitted.


To avail of the proposed service on route for wheel replacements to attend to punctures quickly your bike should accept the normal racing wheel size to accept 700 x 20or23 clincher tyres.

A tip to reduce frequency of punctures is to pump up your tyres to max pressure before each use. Pressures are written on side walls of tyres.


Front = 53/39 chain sets should be fine but if you would like to reserve lower gears for the climbs go for what’s referred to as a compact chain set with 50-34 chain rings.

Rear = 13 to 26, 10 speed sprocket set should be fine for both front options above but have your derailleur matched to suit the compact gearing set if you chose that option.

Your local bike shop will be able to assist you with the above should you have any difficulties.

Ancillary Equipment & Clothing

  1. 2 Spare tubes in saddle bag with tyre leavers.
  2. 1 Multi tool set for attending to those minor adjustments and repairs your self on the road.
  3. 2 Bottles
  4. Your own personal favourite energy drinks
  5. Your own personal favourite energy food bars
  6. Chamois cream
  7. Balm (for legs on wet days)
  8. Sun factor cream
  9. 1 Hard shell Helmet (compulsory)
  10. 1 Pair of glasses
  11. 1 Cycling Shorts with synthetic chamois.
  12. 1 Pair of hand mitts
  13. 1 Under layer vest
  14. 1 Cycling Jersey (provided by the event for each rider)
  15. 1 Pair arm warmers
  16. 1 Pair leg warmers
  17. 1 Gillet
  18. 1 Rain jacket
  19. 1 Pair cycling shoes with cleats to match the pedals.
  20. 1 Small day bag to keep clothes, food and spares you won’t be carrying on the bike or in your packets but leave in the back up van.