Message from Prof. Michael Kerin Research Director, Breast Cancer Research

I am delighted that the Race the Rás Committee is continuing its support for Breast Cancer Research, (formerly NBCRI).

Breast cancer is the commonest cancer in young and middle aged women in Ireland and recent research has greatly changed how we improve the outcome from this disease.

The charity is very active in several areas of breast cancer research. We have identified changes in genes that cause breast cancer; microRNAs that may be used to identify the type of breast cancer diagnosed; new imaging techniques and new treatment strategies.

Your support allows us to fund the medical student Summer Research School, doctors taking time out from clinical practice to undertake postgraduate research degrees and senior researchers at NUI Galway.

It also allows us to fund and develop an infrastructure for biobanking and clinical research. All of this work is patient-centred and is concentrated on individualising cancer treatment.

Yours sincerely

Prof. Michael J Kerin